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Laravel框架中的DB类让我们可以方便的进行数据库操作,比如常见的query查询: DB::query('SELECT * FROM users'); Larvel还提供了类似CI框架中Active Record的Fluent Query Builder : DB::table('user')->where('id','=','1')->get(); 虽然从操...

return $r[0]['leimu'];

accepted Laravel 4 In Laravel 4, you have to call DB::getQueryLog() to get all ran queries. $queries = DB::getQueryLog(); $last_query = end($queries); Or you can download a profiler package. I'd recommend barryvdh/laravel-debug...

亲,你可以看看这个是否能够帮到你哦 指定查询子句 (Select Clause) $users = DB::table('users')->select('name', 'email')->get(); $users = DB::table('users')->distinct()->get(); $users = DB::table('users')->select('name as user_name...

select from yourtables where and name not in('') 括号你不要的列

$results = DB::select("select * from user where username like '%要查询的值%' ");



laravel中下拉框默认选中的设置方法如下: function dropdown($name,options=[], $selected, $extra='') { $html = ''; foreach($opitons as $value => $text) { $set_selected = ''; if($value == $selected) { $set_selected = 'selected'; } ...

直接在后面加上另一个orderBy就行了。例如 User::orderBy('name', 'DESC') ->orderBy('email', 'ASC') ->get(); 会产生这样的sql语句效果: SELECT * FROM `users` ORDER BY `name` DESC, `email` ASC

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